Company Philosophy

We recognize that it is important to protect the global environment.
We will continue to engage in the sustainable development activities,
contributing to a society in harmony with nature.

Basic principles

Our top priority is to ensure our customer, can constantly receive our products and information services with satisfy and trust by our Direct Selling channel as always.
We aim to convey the user's qualified information to manufacturers by following "Moving forward for our customers together with manufacturers"
We have been involved in the prevention of pollution of water resources since we established.
We will continue to recognize the importance of comprehensive global environmental protection and continue to engage in the sustainable development activities,contributing to a society in harmony with nature.

Management Philosophy

The Hayashiroku Group aim to create higher value of our business with its excellent technological and proposal capabilities, constantly catch the potential market needs, keep contributing to the globally developing society.

【Compliance with laws】

We will comply with relevant laws and regulations of Japan and overseas, and engage in corporate trusty activities under justice and fairness principles.

【Customer satisfaction】

We aim to provide constant satisfaction to our customers with the products that meet or exceed their needs and expectations.

【Social contributions】

We will seriously face global environmental problems and strive towards the solutions of protecting our environment.

【Working environment】

We will strive to create and improve the work environment, where every employee can demonstrate their creativity, independence, then continue to work safely and securely.


“Cherish the harmony among people”
We aim for a Corporate Culture with equality of genders, respecting the individual personality and diverse individualities and opinions.