Operations Division 2Protecting the earth

Specialist in water treatment and ground improvement.
With the sales system we have cultivated over many years,
Stably offers optimal water treatment and civil engineering materials.

As a result of our production and consumption activities, all the waste and pollution created that exceed the natural purification and processing capacity. In addition to reducing the emission of pollutants, the emitted pollutants must be purified and treated immediately and thoroughly.
With the cooperation of many other partner companies, Asada Chemical Industry, our group company, has been propose various water treatment methods and provide excellent treatment chemicals to the infrastructure facilities such as water and sewage bureaus, cleaning factories, and private companies,
We have also been able to contribute to reconstruction activities at the sites of large disasters, which have become increasingly common in recent years, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, storms and floods, and droughts. Working together with our customers and manufacturers R&D the soil improvement materials and toughening materials in civil engineering work, used in constructions for disaster recovery after disaster, tunnel and revetment construction for infrastructure development, and building construction. The products are supplied to both domestically and internationally.

Aluminum sulfate, PAC, polymer flocculants, sodium aluminate, caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, magnesium hydroxide, slaked lime, urea water ammonia water, sodium chloride, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfamic acid, heavy metal fixatives, activated carbon, dehydration Clothes, water bags, water tanks, sodium silicate, various curing agents for chemical injection, cement, cement solidifying materials, cement admixtures, water reducing agents, bentonite, chemical storage tanks, pumps, wastewater treatment equipment, various wood adhesives, anti-corrosion linings