Operations Division 3Creating various proposals

Be well prepared by using the resources cultivated over many years,
Empowering the young generations to develop our business into success.

We make full use of the long-term accumulated resources, including sales, technology, information, and experience to promote the five major businesses that have been rooted in society, including "Chemical products," "Food-related business," "Energy business," "Factory safety measures proposal," and "pet-related products."
Cooperate with relevant nationwide enterprises that possess new technologies and equipment to promote our own new products development and set up new sales channels.
Actively develop safe and reliable own-brand products.
We will firmly provide sufficient product and service value and build a business environment that can meet customer needs.

Resources / Energy / Environmental problems 

We are committed to propose various sustainable solutions to the post-fossil fuel market represented by solar power generation and biomass power generation.
We are also focusing on the future of recycling and reusing energy, next-generation power generation, and storage systems.

  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 資源・エネルギー・環境 ソリューション
  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 資源・エネルギー・環境 ソリューション

Chemical products

Based on a long-term trust relationship with our supplier partners from domestic and overseas, we are committed to the business focusing on raw chemicals materials.

We offer a wide range of products from organic and inorganic basic chemicals to functional materials, such as unsaturated acid metal salt monomers as rubber modifiers, bentonite clay made in China as thickeners for paints and adhesives, and defoamers. increase.

At the same time, working with our group company Asada Chemical Industry, we are also actively working on improving and developing new aluminum compounds and supporting our customers to solve the problems they are facing.

To meet the customer needs, we offer inventory, subdivision proposals, and provision of processed product. We are also trying proactively to propose business with the aim of providing the products and services with better functions and solutions.

In addition to selling adhesives, adhesives, and resin PP cores to tape manufacturers and tape manufacturers and selling fluor resins and thermoplastic elastomers to molding resin manufacturers, we also undertake various entrusted processing and provide professional services to enterprises. recommendations and plans.

  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 化成品
  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 化成品
  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 化成品

Food-related business


We offer direct locally processed fruit juice products (juice, puree, powder)
As our special products, it is especially popular among the customers with added value to desserts.
Our various products are from all over the country, from Hokkaido to Kyushu and Okinawa. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

○ Juice using blueberry juice from Hokkaido  
○ Shaved ice using apple juice from Hokkaido
○ Chocolate using corn powder from Hokkaido    
○ Gelato using Yama grape juice from Iwate prefecture

Food additives / Health supplements

We offer food additives as part of our food business.
We offer various food additives such as gluconic acid and adipic acid. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
We have begun to enter the health food ingredients and health care products industry, which has been in high demand in recent years.
Health supplements containing the 5-ALA are available on our EC website.
We have also started offering health food ingredients. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Peracetic acid

We offer peracetic acid which was approved as food additives in October 2016.
It is effective against spores, fungi, and food poisoning bacteria with very little decrease in concentration even under contact with organic compounds.
It is also excellent as a sanitizer for food contact surfaces and as a disinfectant. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Safety measures in manufacturing / productivity improvement proposals

Factory safety measures
Don't touch floor anti-slip products

Have you ever slipped and almost fell while walking?
Foot slip and fall are the most common industrial accidents, about 30%, and it tends to be increasing every year.
This product helps reduce the occurrence of industrial accidents and improves the working environment. The most important thing is that it has the following two characteristics:
①Easy to operate, and anyone can apply it.  
②Has a wide range of applications,  
and there is no requirement for the occasion and material of use.
This material has been recognized and widely used since last year, because we have proactively taken countermeasures before the occurrence of an accident. If you have any needs about our product or service, please feel free to contact us.
Examples: Food processing factory (Desserts, home-cooking, etc.), industry field (automobile related manufacture etc.)

Productivity improvement proposal
Surface treatment

We provide metal surface treatment services to manufacturers as a solution to improve production efficiency.
We can provide professional and optimal surface treatment solutions in order to improve production efficiency by ①utilizing the sliding properties of powders, foods, films, boxes, etc., ②improving mold release properties. In particular, the way we used to improve production efficiency is No foreign matter contamination TA Flat treatment. It has been widely used in the fields of food, medical, and optics areas. Please feel free to contact us with adhesion, slippage, or mold release issues during the production process

  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 生産性向上提案 表面処理
  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 生産性向上提案 表面処理
  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 生産性向上提案 表面処理


We carry a wide variety of industrial blades.
We propose professional solutions to the current existing problems with blades (Usage lifetime, sharpness, adhesions, etc.) by using materials, shapes, and the above surface treatments. Also, in terms of cost, as most of our products are purchased directly from makers, hence we have advantage to make better proposals.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with our blades products.

  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 刃物
  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 刃物
  • 林六株式会社|第三事業本部 - 刃物

Pet related business

We have entered the pet business market as a challenge.
We offer gel-type products that to keep the pet dogs and cats away from skin and oral disease Please feel free to visit our EC site for details of our products.
If you are interested in our products or working with us, please feel free to contact us.